Are They Comfort For Use???

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First time I saw this shoes, I was thinking “Are those shoes comfort for use?? Why they like wearing that shoes which so difficult and perhaps even dangerous for walk in??”


I know all womans want to looks more taller. But I think this is not a good choice. Those shoes looks dangerous for walking on the street. Don’t you know if high heels like this can injure the feet, knees, and back???


We wear high heels sometimes because we like the way they look or it’s just fun to be taller. Especially when we’re out with our man, and we want to looks gorgeous and spectaculer with our new seven-inch hells on. Well, maybe some off you just wanna show if you’re taller that your man, and he’s kind of embarrassed, but when you greet assorted friends, they say, “Wow, your shoes amazing! You’re so tall! You looks gorgeous!!. And you can say, “Ow yeah..I’m taller than him now even than electric pole on the street”. Is that you want??

casualcutie-Alexander-McQueen-spring-2010-44 casualcutie-Alexander-McQueen-spring-2010-4

casualcutie-Alexander-McQueen-spring-2010-43 casualcutie-Alexander-McQueen-spring-2010-8

How could they go well wearing that shoes??? I think all the models walk with shaky legs at this Alexander McQueen spring 2010 fashion show. Would you wear those shoes??

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