Bangle and Cuff

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Just take a look for this bangles and cuffs collection. Which one will be your new love???

casualcutie-adriana-orsini-bonaparte-crystal-bangle casualcutie-adriana-orsini-micro-pave-pyramid-bangle

Adriana Orsini Bonaparte Crystal Bangle $275.00 , Adriana Orsini Micro Pave Pyramid Bangle $325.00

casualcutie-alex-and-ani-blue-bell-bangle-set casualcutie-alex-and-ani-expandable-bangle-set

Alex and Ani Blue Bell Bangle Set $198.00 , Alex and Ani Expandable Bangle Set $300.00

casualcutie-alex-and-ani-jet-crystal-bangle-set casualcutie-alex-and-ani-lily-bangle-set

Alex and Ani Jet Crystal Bangle Set $158.00 ,  Alex and Ani Lily Bangle Set $178.00

casualcutie-alex-and-ani-love-and-luck-bangle-set casualcutie-alex-and-ani-mother-of-pearl-bangle-set

Alex and Ani Love and Luck Bangle Set $178.00, Alex and Ani Mother of Pearl Bangle Set $128.00

casualcutie-alex-and-ani-neon-blu-bangle-set casualcutie-alexis-bittar-crystal-hinge-bracelet

Alex and Ani Neon Blu Bangle Set 198.00 , Alexis Bittar Crystal Hinge Bracelet $395.00

casualcutie-alexis-bittar-medium-moon-dust-bracelet casualcutie-alexis-bittar-triple-row-bracelet

Alexis Bittar Medium Moon Dust Bracelet $295.00 , Alexis Bittar Triple Row Bracelet $525.00

casualcutie-bottega-veneta-ayers-skin-bangle casualcutie-bounkit-rose-quartz-amethyst-cuff

Bottega Veneta Ayers Skin Bangle $1,200.00 , Bounkit Rose Quartz & Amethyst Cuff $1,250.00

casualcutie-david-yurman-blue-mosaic-cuff-bracelet casualcutie-david-yurman-confetti-bracelet

David Yurman Blue Mosaic Cuff Bracelet $4,500.00 , David Yurman Confetti Bracelet $1,750.00

casualcutie-david-yurman-large-buckle-bracelet casualcutie-david-yurman-large-cushion-cuff

David Yurman Large Buckle Bracelet $3,800.00 , David Yurman Large Cushion Cuff $2,750.00

casualcutie-david-yurman-multi-stone-cuff-bracelet casualcutie-david-yurman-woven-cuff-bracelet

David Yurman Multi Stone Cuff Bracelet $3,950.00 , David Yurman Woven Cuff Bracelet $1,100.00

casualcutie-emilio-pucci-madeira-print-snake-bangle casualcutie-emilio-pucci-multi-bangle-bracelet

Emilio Pucci Madeira Print Snake Bangle $225.00 , Emilio Pucci Multi Bangle Bracelet $385.00

casualcutie-emilio-pucci-tiger-print-snake-bangle casualcutie-ippolita-abracadabra-silver-bangle

Emilio Pucci Tiger Print Snake bangle $395.00 , Ippolita Abracadabra Silver Bangle $595.00

casualcutie-ippolita-quartz-lollipop-bangle casualcutie-john-hardy-nusa-penida-silver-wide-kick-cuff

Ippolita Quartz Lollipop Bangle $3,250.00 , John Hardy Nusa Penida silver Wide Kick Cuff $850.00

casualcutie-john-hardy-oval-cuff-bracelet casualcutie-kara-ross-five-bangle-set

John Hardy Oval Cuff Bracelet $1,995.00 , Kara Ross Five Bangle $280.00

casualcutie-kara-ross-large-oval-cuff-bracelet1 casualcutie-kara-ross-large-oval-lapis-cuff

Kara Ross Large Oval CUff Bracelet $276.00 , Kara Ross LArge Oval Lapis Cuff $380.00

casualcutie-kenneth-jay-lane-bamboo-stretch-bracelet casualcutie-kenneth-jay-lane-coral-color-hinged-bracelet

Kenneth Jay Lane Bamboo Stretch Bracelet $100.00 , Kenneth Jay Lane Coral Color Hinged Bracelet $375.00

casualcutie-kenneth-jay-lane-crystal-headlight-bracelet casualcutie-kenneth-jay-lane-garden-party-cuff-bracelet

Kenneth Jay Lane Crystal Headlight Bracelet $225.00 , Kenneth Jay Lane Garden Party Cuff Bracelet $300.00

casualcutie-kenneth-jay-lane-gold-pave-bracelet casualcutie-konstantino-large-phaedra-cuff

Kenneth Jay Lane Gold Pave Bracelet $340.00 , Konstantino Large Phaedra Cuff $1,860.00

casualcutie-kenneth-jay-lane-ridged-bangle casualcutie-kenneth-jay-lane-wavy-bangle

Kenneth Jay Lane Ridged Bangle $50.00 , Kenneth Jay Lane Wavy Bangle $50.00

casualcutie-konstantino-large-phaedra-cuff1 casualcutie-stephen-webster

Konstantino Large Phaedra Cuff $1,860.00 , Stephen Webster $1,600.00

casualcutie-stephen-webster-3 casualcutie-stephen-webster-4

Stephen Webster $1,425.00 and $695.00

casualcutie-stephen-webster-2 casualcutie-ted-rossi-silk-crystal-and-pearl-cuff

Stephen Webster  $1,495.00 ,  Ted Rossi Silk Crystal and Pearl Cuff $195.00

casualcutie-yves-saint-laurent-cobra-cuff casualcutie-vera-wang-faceted-stone-cuff

Yves Saint Laurent Cobra Cuff $435.00 , Vera Wang Faceted Stone Cuff $895.00

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