Finally, my magazine are coming!!!

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Horray…I have been waiting for 4 day for those magazine arriving in my door. I’m so happy..happy…hapy…I can’t wait any longer to read those magazine. I order this magazine from the online shop on 7th March Thursday and arriving at 12th March Tuesday. Ha ha ha…It’s to long for me!!! Here the Vogue and Lucky magazines. Love it!!!

My new love :

casualcutie-arriving casualcutie-lucky-magazine-2

Lucky May Magazine :
A month of outfits by melding some highly adaptable pieces with your closet basics, you can create 30 different looks for every conceivable mood. Photographed by Richard Ballard.


Vogue May Magazine :
India are we. Model Lakshmi Menon takes us to her paradisiacal home base on the Arabian Sea-the bohemian beach town of Goa-wearing spring’s most obvious opposites : romantic all-whites and the optimistic optical print.


Where to buy : ShopMagazines

Hikksss…..I’m so sorry for the terrible photos. I  don’t have any good camera. Hehehe…

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