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Poltock & Walsh took the underground route and didn’t show on the catwalk this season, but such is the buzz surrounding the label’s autumn winter collection that Kate Moss ordered six pieces, including a sequined white shift (£920), a panelled leather design (£540), and a Mongolian wool dress (£1,150), all outfist you can see below.

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So if you’re wondering what the hot supermodel Kate Moss will be wearing come autumn winter 2009-10, look no further that the cool and hot design of Poltock & Walsh. Kate Moss is the one of fashion icon wordlwide, and that the reason she’s going bombarded with many clothing from designers around the world.  She make a great selection of this Poltock & Walsh collections. So what do you think about Kate Most choise??

Kate Moss ordered :

From left to right :

casualcutie-Poltock & Walsh jumpsuit casualcutie-Poltock & Walsh paradise city blue dress

1. Poltock & Walsh jumpsuit
This is the third jumpsuit that Kate Moss has ordered from Poltock & Walsh. The jumpsuits that they have done in the past have been really tailored and elegant, so for this collection they wanted to create something more oversized and playful – a piece that you would want to wear all day and night as the heavy crepe silk and multicolour cut-glass buttons give the otherwise comfortable jumpsuit a luxurious finish.

2. Poltock & Walsh paradise city blue dress

The Paradise City dress is the ultimate Kate Moss dress – she has ordered it in two options. This is the party option and the other is in black brushed denim, which is a great day option. Love the colour blocking and use of contrasting textures.

From left to right :

casualcutie-Poltock & Walsh rock dress casualcutie-Poltock & Walsh mongolian sheepskin coat

1. Poltock & Walsh rock dress
The artwork for this hand-finished dress was originally quite a bold graphic design based on snowflakes and guns but, translated into sequins, the edges soften to create an animal print effect – which reflects your Eighties rock side.

2. Poltock & Walsh mongolian sheepskin coat
When Poltock & Walsh designed this piece they were heading into winter, so they really wanted to create something that you would be able to throw on during the cold winter months and still feel glamorous. The Mongolian sheepskin is soft and warm but the nappa leather contrast sleeves add a different texture and define the arms to give shape and fit to the coat.

From left to right :

casualcutie-Poltock & Walsh paradise city dress casualcutie-Poltock & Walsh cropped V-tailored jacket and trousers

1. Poltock & Walsh paradise city dress
The Paradise City dress is the ultimate Kate Moss dress.

2. Poltock & Walsh cropped V-tailored jacket and trousers
Lovethe strong silhouette of this suit. The cropped V-tailored jacket is structured yet sexy. It cuts off just at the right point so that you see the nipped-in waist of the high waist pleat trousers. The heavy Italian wool lets the suit hold its true shape and the pleats give the trousers an almost sculptured appearance. (via Vogue UK)

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