Kitty Say Hello To Woman

We love Hello Kitty!!! This cutie cat has stolen of many people especially children and women hearts. Even Lady Gaga also love Hello Kitty.

casualcutie hello kitty women perfume 211x300 Kitty Say Hello To Woman

Hello Kitty Woman fragrance was developed by perfumer Corinne Cachen, and features notes of toffee apple, rose, raspberry, grapefruit,  frangipani, licorice and vanilla.

Koto Parfums Hello Kitty Woman will launch this month, and will be available soon in 50 and 100 ml Eau de Toilette.

pixel Kitty Say Hello To Woman
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4 Responses to Kitty Say Hello To Woman

  1. nonik says:

    kapan nih bisa pesen????? aduhhh cute banget,,,, hub aq ya sist….

  2. Retno Palupi says:

    Kapan dijual di indonesia ya?Brp harganya?Contact aku ya, aku mau ikutan pesen juga:)

  3. wi3nd says:

    wooo parFum toch..??
    huummm..Like what yaaa sist wan9inya?

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