Louboutin Fetes Barbie at 50

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In Barbie 50 years, Barbie managed to acummulate one billion pairs of shoes. When it came to picking her next pair, Barbie wanted to go to one of the hottest and briliant shoe designers around, than se chose Mr. Christian Louboutin.

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Barbie entered into a multifaceted business with Louboutin. With three Barbie dolls, Louboutin conceived top to toe wich are inspired by Nefertiti and Marilyn Monroe. Their partnership includes these elements :
1. Louboutin made a hot-pink “Barbie” shoe for real people.
2. Louboutin will customize a Barbie doll and accessories collection.
3. Louboutin helped Mattel create a “diary filled with images of Louboutin and Barbie as they explore the cobbler’s favorite things.” (One such image is pictured here.)
4. Louboutin will be Barbie’s “godfather” for a year.

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Christian Louboutin customized the doll by reshaping her figure, most importantly, Barbie feet. A spokesman for the designer told WWD, “He found her ankles were too fat” which caused a frenzy throughout the blogosphere, he tries to redeem himself with a new statement, “Barbie’s foot has always been shaped less ‘curvy’ than the rest of her perfect body,” he said. “I just added my little science to Barbie and I’ve been proud to serve her. But fat ankles she didn’t have, she just could have had thinner ankles. That’s all. “She needed great shoes, a thinner ankle and, to me, as I’m obsessed with feet, a foot more curved,” the designer said.  “My God, what a story,” he said, reacting to the controversy. “I apologize to my goddaughter [Barbie]. There has been a bit of confusion there, but it’s just the proof that Barbie has real serious fans”.

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Christian Louboutin will also star in a photo diary with Barbie, titled ““My Year in Paris With Christian Louboutin” which comes with the jewel thief Barbie, the first of three dolls designed by Louboutin, when she goes on sale in December for $150, or it can be purchased separately for $40.

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Those photo diary are so fun, those Barbie looks hot and sexy with their Louboutin shoes. Well, they are a lucky Barbie!!!

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