November Magazines

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Yepp, November magazines arriving at my door 2 days ago. Come sooner than usual. I bought those magazines from my lovely online magazine shop. If you want to have an abroad magazines with a lower price, please visit ShopMagazines shop.

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This month I only ordered 4 mags because I have to save my money for other think. Actualy I want to buy another mags. Ough!!!

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The mags I was ordered from ShopMagazines such as Vogue America, Lucky America, ELLE UK and National Geographic.

1. Vogue America November and Luck America November

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Wow…Vogue November cover so fantastic, four actresses Nicole Kidman, Marion Cotillard, Penélope Cruz, and Kate Hudson are on the cover for Vogue November issue. They looks so elegant and glamour. And Rachel Bilson as the cover of Lucky November issue. She so pretty.

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At Vogue America November 2009 issue: layers upon layers (left), start by borrowing his herringbone tweeds, then steal his thick thermal knits. Fall forward (right), better to be a workhorse in ruffles than a show pony in something more austere.

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At Lucky November 2009 issue, budget fabulous 7 designers create capsule collections for Lucky readers and HSN. This is a great news if you are US resident, dont miss it!! Get top designers to whip up unique pieces and price them way lower than their regular collections!!! Wow!!!

2. ELLE UK November and National Geographic November

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ELLE UK subscriber cover, special collector cover with Cherly Cole on the cover ELLE UK November issue. National Geographic Egypt’s animal mummies. Wow!!! This mags always interesting in every edition.

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At ELLE UK, Party Girl Military. Go to a party with this looks???!! Briliant!!!

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At National Geographic, animal everlasting wrapped in linen and reverently laid to rest, animal mummies hold intriguing clues to life and death in ancient Egypt.

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