Perfect Skin, A Pot or A Compact???

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Flawless looking complexions-no matter what her clients skin type. “The look I love is when you’re struck by how pretty someone’s skin is-not by her pretty makeup job”, says Lisa Tundra at Lucky Magazines July 2009. “People come to me for that, and the most important element is foundation” she added.

Almost woman choice the wrong foundation, and that mistake make their look not natural and flawless. To make that mistake not repeated again, if you want to buy a foundation, try to test on three to four places; jawline, cheeks, nose, and middle of the forehead. Make sure that the formula not only matches your skin tone but also improve texture, for example minimize pores. If you like your  foundation shade but need a different formula, shop your current brand first. Within a line, colors stay nicely consistent. Don’t forget to buy two shades if you can. A lighter foundation across the tops of the cheekcones, under the eyes, and on the bridge of the nose. And the darker foundation one in the center of the face.

Liquid or mineral makeup are works on all skin types


Liquid formulas are supremely versatile. For instance, the makeup pro Lisa Trunda love to mix a drop or two of liquid foundation into her moisturizer or sunscreen for a sheer, dewy effect. Try L’Oreal Paris Visible Lift Line Minimizing & Tone Enhancing Makeup (Price : $14, available at This stuff so amazing. It’s full coverage, takes you to polished and smooth right away, and you get an instant firming, skin pumpling effect. Try also Maybelline New York Mineral Powder Natural Perfecting Liquid Foundation SPF 18 (Price : $9, available at Tones down redness right away, feels ultra clean, and it gives you the kind of glowy finish everyone wants.

If you’re very pale or very dark


A few lines, Make Up For Ever, MAC, Iman, Bobbi Brown do darker shades well and don’t lose those flattering golden understones. And with color ranges starting at eggshell, Prescriptives, Laura Mercier, and Giorgio Armani Beauty nail the ethereal and feather light. Are you pratically want a drumroll for Tru Blend?? The color range is excellent at both ends of the s[ectrum, and it has all the qualities of a high end makeup, it makes you look a thousand times better and literaly becomes one with your skin, so it’s undetectable whatever your skin tone. This is what Lisa Trunda the makeup pro always trying to achieve with foundation.

Creams are best for dry skin

casualcutie-loreal paris age perfect skin supporting and hydrating makeup SPF 12

You can try L’Oreal Paris Age Perfect Skin Supporting and Hydrating Makeup (Price : $17, available at This comes super-charged with antiaging ingredients, but the fact that it’s oil-free makes it even more useful. You get a truly luminious finish, and the souffle like formula feels so much more expensive than it is.

Stick or compatc are best for normal skin


You can try Clinique Almost Powder Makeup SPF 15 (Price : $23, available at This powder can be tricky. Your skin should be in good condition-no dryness or flakiness, and no fine lines or wrinkles. That said, you can get a gorgeous, satiny look with this. You can also try Max Factor pan-Stik (Price : $8, available at Here’s the deal!!! Apply with a damp sponge, smoothing it out as you go darling!! The coverage will be sheer and beautifull. Without the sponge, stick makeup sets and you’ll have a hard time blending it.

Powders or liquid are best for oily skin


You can try Neutrogena Skin Clearing Oil-Free Makeup (Price : $14, available at A great way to go if you’re acne-prone. The key ingredient, salicylic acid is a natural bacteria fighter and redness reducer, and the finish is amazingly natural. You also can try Almay Clear Complexion Blemish Healing Compact Makeup SPF 8 (Price : $12, available at Somehow this makes pores disappear completely and leaves skin so even-toned, it’s the best powder for summer.

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