September Issues

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Yesterday my ordered magazines from ShopMagazines arrived. Usually the magazines arrived afer 2 days order. But this time taken 3 days arrived into my door. That’s because almost the magazines weight so heavy. Vogue with 584 pages, Lucky with 310 pages, ELLE with 362 pages and National Geographic with 134 pages. That’s makes the magazines arrived into my door a little bit late.

casualcutie-magazines arrived

This is the magazines i was bouhgt this month :

casualcutie-magazines september 2009

1. Vogue America

casualcutie-charlize-theron-vogue-us-september-2009-cover casualcutie-charlize theron

Vogue America September 2009 with 584 pages, wow!!!Vogue America September with so many issue you have to read such as fall fashion fun, beauty secrets of the season, stylish steals & smart spurges and more only on Vogue America.The sexy hollywood artist Charlize Theron as the cover. The indiscreet charm of Carlize Theron. Famous for her uncanny transformations on screen, the Oscar winning movie star plays against type in her private life. By Kevin conley, photographed by Mario Testino.

casualcutie-natalia vodianova US Vogue september 2009 6 casualcutie-natalia vodianova US Vogue september 2009 8

I love the Natalia Vodianova photshoot “Into The Wood“. In a fashion fairy tale, Natalia Vodianova is Little Red Riding Hood alluring in capes and coats, dressed and suits of scarlet, rose, ruby, and crimson. Photographed by Mert Alas and Marcus Piggott.


casualcutie-lindsay lohan UK magazines september 2009 casualcutie-lindsay lohan UK magazines september 2009 4

ELLE UK September 2009 with 362 pages. Lindsay Lohan rough diamond. As the hot news topic at this moment, Lindsay Lohan has stolen jewels from ELLE UK magazine photo shoot. Scotland Yard is investigating the disappearance of around $500,000 worth of jelews (earrings and a necklace) that went missing after an ELLE magazines shoot. Lohan also swiped an $11,000 fur coat from a student at Columbia and stole a bunch of stuff from the closet of Shia LaBeoufs ex-girlfriend.

casualcutie-lindsay lohan UK magazines september 2009 2

Watch the video :

3. Lucky

casualcutie-mandy moore lucky september 2009 casualcutie-mandy moore

Lucky Magazines September 2009. The lovely singer Mandy Moore as the cover. Mandy Moore has been looking forward to fall for months. “The season is all about being cozy, and that’s pretty much my style mantra these days,” says the newly married 25 year old (her spouse is alt-country rocker Ryan Adams). You have check out the Lucky fall shoe guide, find your shoe style!!

4. National Geographic

casualcutie-national geographic magazines september 2009 cover

As data from NASA satellites show, the world’s solar leaders, notably Gernabt, are not the sunniest countries but the ones that can afford to pay extra for solar power. Solar costs are falling steadily, however. Developing nations in the subtropics may benefit from that trend; steady sunshine there means investment in solar infrastruktur could pay off fast. Most of the world’s best solar potential remains unexploited.

casualcutie-solar power

The sun’s potential for power generations eclipses that all other renewable energy sources. But for now solar power barely registers in the world’s energy portfolio. it accounts for only a small fraction of a percent of total electrical output-much less than hydropower or wind energy, which are cheaper to produce.

casualcutie-solar power 2

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