USB Scent Flower

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Do you smell so bad that even your laptop has started stinking? Desperate times call for desperate measures, which means you might just have to consider this USB scent flower. 

Does your cubicle mate’s body odor linger in your workstation? Have you ever found yourself wishing you could have some aromatherapy when sitting in a narrow economy seat on a red eye after someone just took their shoes off? Perhaps you just LOVE the color pink and want to spruce up your laptop with a fun little gimmick?

USB devices that also double as aromatherapy are nothing new but the USB Scent Flower differs because it is just too cute! Designed to look like a flower with petals each one has 3 refill cartridges and comes in 4 four different colors. each one also has its own scent – Ocean Breeze, Purple Lavender, Pink Jasmine, and White Chamomile. Each one retails for $9.99 and is certainly a lot cuter and economical than the Febreeze or Glade plugin.

Price $9.99 You can find this USB scent flower at

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